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IPP/WebCam Performance Cams - Stage 1, 2 & Turbo

IPP/WebCam Camshafts

Stage 1 - 4, Stage 5 Turbo & Stage 6 ULTIMATE Camshafts

Chevy Cavalier 2.2, Pontiac Sunfire, Chevy S10 ('94-02 VIN 4)

We have an exclusive distributorship with Web-Cam (a premier cam MFG in the US), and have designed a line of cams for your Chevy Cavalier, Sunfire and S10 engine.

These are NEW CAMS with NO cam cores required!!!

All cams have been designed for ABOVE STOCK PERFORMANCE (and Stages 1-3 do NOT require spring replacement). These cams increase performance and are for street on gas & Turbos. These are brand new cams (vs. some competitors who sell non-reground used cams), with the correct stock base circle. You won't have to use shims, expensive buckets or lash caps!
(Note: The figures below may vary slightly as cams have not been degreed in actual motors at this time.)

Stage3+ up requires 7500 springs
(OEM valve springs can only handle so much valve lift before they enter coil bind. This is where the spring has no more room to compress. In other cases, the OEM valve spring cannot control the valve properly, and valve float can occur. With a performance or racing valve spring kit, there are fewer coils (in most cases) and more room between the coils, allowing the spring to compress more, in turn allowing for more valve lift, while keeping the valve under control).


DTS2 Performance CNC Billet Aluminum Lifter Guides (with more room to allow for higher lift camshafts and stronger to provide better lifter control especially at higher RPM's)

We will custom grind these cams to your specifications. Add only $20 to prices below.
Special Order only. Please call to order if you would like a Custom Grind. 603.378.0090

Cavalier camshafts have a very thin hardening from the factory. When you get a cam reground, unless you pay for additional hardening (which runs about an extra $100), you have taken all the hardening out of the cam, and it will not last long. Please understand that is why we offer NEW cams that are hardened!

Years '97 and below: You will need to cut the spring pockets .100 for the heads to install our valves.
Years '98 and later: You may have to change pushrod length depending on the cam lift. Contact our Tech Dept. if you have questions.
Our Webcam/IPP Camshafts are warranted for 6 months only with the use of our Beehive Springs.
(not warranteed if our proper Beehive Springs are not used).

Adding Performance Lifters is crucial when purchasing these performance Cams. Not only will Performance Lifters add additional power, but lifters should always be changed out when installing a new cam as the stock ones are made in China and do not last.
Are You Sending In Your Cam Core? DOWNLOAD our worksheet to include w/your shipment.
Stages 1 - 5, Turbo & ULTIMATE Camshafts
Cam Description Valve Lash Valve
Lift Dur.
Cam Lift Duration @ .050 Part # Price Order
Stage #1
w/1.6 Rocker, Lobe Separation 112

Good idle for daily use. Improved low to mid range torque. Use stock springs and retainers. Stock compression OK, but will work better with increased compression.
INT 000 438 262 274 202 11-002 $339.99
EXH 000 454 268 284 208
Stage #2
w/1.6 Rocker, Lobe Separation 112

Good idle, more duration (keeps valves open longer), strong pulling cam for improved mid and upper end power. Stock springs & retainers can be used with stock compression, however the cam needs more compression (10-1, 10.5-1), to make more HP (works well for oval track with high compression).
INT 000 450 264 284 208 11-012 $349.99
EXH 000 465 274 293 212
Stage # 3

w/1.6 Rocker, Lobe Separation 112

Slight idle (requires high compression and larger bore pistons from stock bore, suggested 10.5-10.8 and 90mm bore), more duration (keeps valves open longer), strong pulling cam for improved mid and upper end power. Stock springs & retainers can be used with stock compression, however the cam needs more compression (10-1, 10.5-1), to make more HP (works well for oval track with high compression).

New Lifters should be changed out.

7500 Beehive Valve Springs
*Top performer in upper middle to over 7500 RPMS (must use spring 12-001 to 6500 or spring 12-002 for 7500 RPMS)
Webcam Camshaft Stage 3 Audio Listen to our Stage 3 Camshaft in Action!!!
INT 000 502 258 314 218 11-052 $349.99
EXH 000 516 265 323 226
Stage # 4
(Oval Track Only)

Lobe Separation

This cam is designed for the Oval Track Racer only, for tons of power gain and high rpms, must have 11+ compression (the higher the better), requires our Beehive Springs #12-001 or #12-002, for the correct spring pressures. Stock retainers and locks can be used.

Check installed height and coil bind.
For best results lighter pistons & rods (larger valves are a plus).
REQUIRES: 7500 springs
INT - 515 290 323 232 11-072 $349.99
EXH - 515 296 323 238
Stage # 5

Lobe Separation 110

Designed specifically for Turbo or Supercharger Applications.
Legal for track use only.
Installed height for these are 1.7
INT - 462 233 307 212 11-022 $329.99
EXH - 462 233 289 212
Stage #6 ULTIMATE!!!
The ABSOLUTE Ultimate HP for your 2.2 Cavalier!!!

We are now offering Mechanical camshafts and roller lifters, for crazy street or drag and oval track racing. These cams make tremendous power, with over 600 lift ranges. Cams can be used with fuel injection or carbs. There is not a Hydraulic cam that can match the lift, duration and ramping for faster opening and closing of valves than a mechanical roller. Adjustments will have to be added to the ECU, or stand alone systems for injected models. Engines using carbs will require less electronics for installation. These cams are for the ultimate HP for the 2.2 cavaliers.
REQUIRES: 7500 springs
PRICING: ULTIMATE Cam & Lifters = $1299.99
ORDER YOURS: Please call our Sales Dept. at (985) 956-7009
(these cams are special order and can take 6-8 weeks for delivery)
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