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TOGA HP Intake & Exhaust Valves
High Performance Valves
for Your Engine!
  TOGA High Performance (HP) Intake & Exhaust Valves
Cavalier, GM, Olds, Pontiac, Sunfire

TOGA Performance Valves provide excellent reliability
for performance street, strip & racing engines. These valves offer higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength over OEM valves. Most TOGA HP Valves are 1-piece swirl polished with undercut for extra flow and weight reduction. These Valves are made in a two step slow forging process using EV8 stainless steel on both Intakes & Exhaust Valves. They are heat treated and stress relieved along with hardened tips and chrome stems (3 yr. warranty).

HP 'Port Flow' Valves w/Undercut Stems
TOGA HP Port Flow Valves are for performance street, strip & racing applications where high RPM's, quality, weight and flow are all a factor.
  • EV8 stainless steel swirl polished heads with undercut stems
  • can be used for all naturally aspirated engines with up to 100 shot of Nitrous (up to 300 shot on intakes).
  • Turbo applications are good for 20 PSI while the exhaust for 14 lbs.
  • Turbos using 15 lbs+ over should consider Inconel valves for high heat
    (see our Supertech inconel valves).
  • All valves are sold in sets (QTY 4).
Part # INT/
Length Year Valve
Per Valve
Buy Now
Cavalier, Pontiac, Sunfire VIN 4 2.2L OHV ('94-97)
TE2885-1-TOGA EXH 1.497 1mm O/S 5.142 94-97 Port Flow $18.99
TI2892-1-TOGA INT 1.772 1mm O/S 5.465 94-97 Port Flow $18.99
TI2892-TOGA INT 1.732 stock 5.465 94-97 Port Flow $15.99
TE2885-TOGA EXH 1.457 stock 5.142 94-97 Port Flow $15.99
Cavalier, Pontiac, Sunfire VIN 4 2.2L OHV ('98-02)
TI01902-TOGA INT 1.732 stock 5.265 98-02 Port Flow $15.99
TE01903-TOGA EXH 1.457 stock 4.980 98-02 Port Flow $15.99
TI01902-1-TOGA INT 1.772 1mm O/S 5.265 98-02 Port Flow $17.99
TE01903-1-TOGA EXH 1.497 1mm O/S 4.980 98-02 Port Flow $17.99
Cavalier, Sunfire, (Olds 'Alero' 1996-02) VIN T 16V 2.4L
TI01941-TOGA INT 1.396 stock 4.207 96-02 Port Flow $15.99
TE01942-TOGA EXH 1.141 stock 4.233 96-02 Port Flow $15.99
TI01941-1-TOGA INT 1.436 1mm O/S 4.207 96-02 Port Flow $16.99
TE01942-1-TOGA EXH 1.181 1mm O/S 4.203 96-02 Port Flow $16.99
GM Ecotec 2.2L (2000+up VIN F)
TI1706-TOGA INT 1.382 stock 4.026 03+up Port Flow $16.99
TE1707-TOGA EXH 1.185 stock 3.975 03+up Port Flow $16.99
TI1706-1-TOGA INT 1.422 1mm O/S 4.026 03+up Port Flow $16.99
TE1707-1-TOGA EXH 1.225 1mm O/S 3.975 03+up Port Flow $16.99
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