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Cavalier Cylinder Heads
Patriot Cylinder Heads for Cavalier 2.2L
CLICK on Flow Charts Below

(LARGE chart opens in new window)

Flow Chart using STD valves
w/STD Valves

Flow Chart using 1mm over valves
Patriot Head Flow Sheet w/1mm valves
(larger chart opens in new window)
Patriot Cylinder Heads
GM 2.2L, Cavalier 2.2, Pontiac Sunfire
Chevy S10 ('98-02)

(castings #391, 391S, 146, 507)

These Heads will BLOW away the Competition on Street and Track!!!
Get YOUR Heads The Way YOU Want Them!

Bare, w/Special Porting or Assembled - We Got 'Em!

How Long to Ship?
Order now as these heads take about 14 days to ship!
(bare heads are shipped immediately)

When Ordering:
Please make sure to include Casting # & Year!
Part # Description Price Buy Now
PAT-CAV-01 Bare Heads $324.99
Call us to
place your Order!
(970) 493-0459

391 & 507's
PAT-CAV-02 Bare Heads w/Special Porting $689.99
PAT-CAV-03 Assembled Ported Heads:
w/Stock or Stage 1 springs,
STD size valves.
Valve pockets machined for
performance beehive springs
good to 6500 RPM’s
PAT-CAV-04 Assembled Ported Heads
1mm over valves
6500 RPM springs
PAT-CAV-05 Assembled Ported Heads
1mm over valves
7500 RPM springs
PAT-CAV-06 ADD-ON: Titanium Retainers $166.56
PAT-CAV-07 ADD-ON: 2mm O/S Intake Valves
(flow rate increased to a whopping 220 CFM!!!)
Now we are up with the SBC performance flow figures!

(images are for general reference only)
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