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Connecting Rods
K1 Connecting Rods for Chevy Cavalier
K1 Technologies Connecting Rods

All Sport Compact Engines
K1 offers two different types of connecting rods made from Forged 4340 Steel and Billet 4340 Steel. Proprietary bolts produced by ARP to K1 specification have asymmetrical threads to equally load each thread when under pressure. Connecting rods are shot peened for improved fatigue life and are finished in the USA using our state of the art Sunnen hones. Housing bore tolerances of +/- .000050 (50 millionths) match some of the tightest accepted tolerances in the industry.

The rods have double bridged caps to reduce housing bore distortion and there is no ridge between the blades acting as a stress riser. Rods are weight-matched to +/- 1 gram and boxed with the individual rotating, reciprocating, and total weights conveniently noted for balancing. A special wrist pin bushing material is also used with these assemblies offering optimal friction reduction.

H-Beam (H)
Billet 4340 Steel H Beam connecting rods. Closely monitored material mechanical properties for optimum performance. Designed and finish honed in the USA. Sizes held to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, +/- .0001 and +/- 1 gram per end. Shot peened for improved fatigue life. Bronze wrist pin bushings.
  • 2-piece forging for increased strength
  • Multi stage heat treated process
  • X-rayed and magnafluxed
  • Precision alignment sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining perfect alignment
  • Exclusively using ARP 2000 fasteners.

CUSTOM RODS: Don't See Your Engine Below? No Worries!
We have the capability to make custom connecting rods made to YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS! If you do not see a connecting rod listed below for your application or would like special weights or widths, please contact us and our Technical Engineers will design a custom set of rods built to your exact specifications. Call or email us: (985) 956-7009

Our K1 Price PROMISE To You!
We try to make sure our prices are the lowest around, but if you happen to find them for less on someone else's site, please send us an email with the link - we can often sell them to you for much LESS!  :)

** CUSTOM Rods available for Cav/Sunfire/S10 & Ecotec apps not listed below. Call (985) 956-7009 or Email us for Custom Rods!**
Part NumberDescription C-to-C Bore Wrist Pin BoltGrams Retail Our Price!Add to Cart
012BC21146ECOTEC 145.5mm
LSJ 2004-07
5.72852.12523mm3/8550 $411.52$269
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