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Throttle Bodies

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CCW & DTS2 - Performance Throttle Bodies
Cavalier, Sunfire & S10 PU

(** For 1997 & earlier, you'll need to also purchase our Intake Adapter Plate **)

CCW & DTS2 has just introduced the most BANG for your BUCK HP Increase, for only $369.99!

We have replaced the stock 51mm throttle body with a GIANT 65mm option that we designed to work with the '98 and newer intakes!

(ps. our performance Throttle Body can also be used on the '97 & earlier heads by using this intake manifold, and our new head spacer/intake adapter plate.

After testing our new unit on our Stroker project we got a (whopping) 20+HP without any other add-ons!

The new body replaces the old one with our complete kit for a direct install (the old air box may be used fabrication may be required). But we have opted for a direct larger direct air intake system with a cone filter, eliminating all the losses in the very inefficient OEM air box. We expect to see another 5-7 HP added to this kit with the more direct and larger air system.

When you look at this as a fraction of the cost to gain this kind of HP have a winner here, whether for street use or all out performance this is the way to go - you get the complete set up as shown for ONLY $369! Where can you buy that kind of HP for that price? Here at CCW!

Between our new stroker kit and throttle body we have gained over 55HP - just think of pistons, cams, heads, valves, intakes, headers, exhaust, etc... And here we come with 200 HP double the fun!!! And a neck snapping ride...and you said you wanted to be at the front of the pack oval heads?

Throttle Body Tech/Fitment Info:
There are 3 1/8th inch fittings, one for the fuel pressure regulator, one for the evap system, and one for the HVAC controls. One 1/2 inch fitting for the brake booster. (The two quarter inch hose barbs are coolant passages not used for this application)

To Place Your Order:
Order online below or call our CCW Sales Dept. at (985) 956-7009

For Customer Service & Order Tracking:

lease contact the DTS2 Warehouse Directly: / Telephone: 970-493-0459 
Part # Year Engine Notes Price Add
CCW-E4D 1994-97 2.2L Cavalier/
Intake Adapter Plate
CCW-E8D 1998-01 Cavalier/Sunfire - $369.99
CCW-E8F 1998-03 S10 - $369.99

Breaking News on our Test Car!!!
(Our Test Car uses only a stock motor PLUS our Stroker Kit and our Performance Throttle Body)

I write to you tonight with so much excitement I don't know if I'll be able to calm down and go to sleep! I tuned the timing and fuel a little on the test car and I free'd up some more power. I have it down in the single digits for 0-60 times and there's still room for improvement! It ran a 9.84 with 1.2 seconds of wheel spin and it still takes nearly a second to shift from first to second for some reason... There's always some acceleration during those times but definitely room for improvement. I really think I can squeeze 8 something 0-60 times out of this bad boy as is. I believe 200hp is going to happen soon! :)

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