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Stroker Kits

Chevy Cavalier, S10, Sunfire Engine Stroker Kits
Performance Stroker Kit (91.2mm)

Includes: Crank, Rods, Pistons, Rings, Main & Rod Bearings

  • Our Stroker Kit consists of a meticulous off set ground crank hardened to 91.2mm (done here in our own crank shop)
  • Chrome Moly H-Beam (up to 600HP), or Billet rods to 900 HP - Custom Length
  • Standard weight pistons for the Turbo’s with upgraded pins and coating are available. Normally Aspirated pistons are super fly weight for increasing RPM’s at a greater rate. As low as 268 grams (stock pistons are 382 grams).
  • Plasma Moly Performance Race Rings provided for both turbo’s and N/A engines.
  • Performance main and rod bearings.

As the largest single supplier of Cavalier engine parts in the country, lots of our customers have asked for a way to add additional HP without having to change the complete motor and spend a lot of money. After many requests to build this kit, a combined effort with Wiseco Pistons, Pauter Machine and Molnar Connecting Rods, and 2 years in the making, here it is!

Time to Add Brute Power Now!
Our Stroker Kit is available for both normally aspirated and turbo applications.

The existing motor has a displacement of 2189 cubic inches with a 88mm stroke and a 89mm bore, which equals 134 cu inches.
Our new Stroker kit
has a 91.2 stroke and bores up to 90.5 which equals 144 cu inches or 2345cc!

These kits are adaptable for street, strip, oval track and drag racing. In addition to the extra stroke, the rod length has been lengthened to allow for a 1.52 stroke to rod ratio. This enables the piston to be lighter and keeps the piston further up in the bore to relocate friction on the thrust side. All considerations have been made to make the complete assembly to be as light as possible to produce more HP with less friction.

Existing motors with this additional stroke have produced approximately 30% more torque than motors of a lesser stroke. HP increase will depend on the total amount of performance parts, like cams, headers, head work, exhaust, valve size, etc.

The intention of this kit is to allow a substantial gain in a total HP and torque (knowing the limits of this motor and their ability not to make very high RPMS 7500). The additional stroke and longer rod will allow a substantial more brute power to the motor throughout its complete max RPM ranges.

Suggested Bores
Turbo’s = 89-89.5mm
Oval Track = 90mm
Street Use = 90.5mm
Stroker Kit #: CCW-STROKER912
PRICE: $1799.99

Please call us at (985) 956-7009 and ask for Phil in our Sales/Tech Dept.

Breaking News on our Test Car!!!
(w/only a stock motor, Stroker Kit & Performance Throttle Body!)

I write to you tonight with so much excitement I don't know if I'll be able to calm down and go to sleep! I tuned the timing and fuel a little on the test car and I free'd up some more power. I have it down in the single digits for 0-60 times and there's still room for improvement! It ran a 9.84 with 1.2 seconds of wheel spin and it still takes nearly a second to shift from first to second for some reason... There's always some acceleration during those times but definitely room for improvement. I really think I can squeeze 8 something 0-60 times out of this bad boy as is. I believe 200hp is going to happen soon! :) DTS2

Independent Validation Testing
In order to validate the additional performance of our 2.2 stroker kits (available for  ‘94-03), we have chosen to have our testing done at an independent source. For this we have asked DTS of Ponchatoula, LA - a long time builder and tech guru of the 2.2 engines.

Dyno Graph #1Graph #2DTS2 Stroker Kit Review
(NOTE: these Dyno Graphs are to the wheels, engine HP will be higher.)

As a Result of this Testing...
DTS has informed us that with just the addition of our stroker kits in a bone stock ‘95 cavalier motor with a ‘98 vortech head, the increase of horsepower and torque was increased by 20% across the board (dyno sheets will be soon provided!).

Due to the horsepower and torque expanding completely across the RPM ranges as opposed to a stock stroke motor, an engine with this kit provides more neck snapping forces throughout the RPM range and it’s enjoyable and impressive to drive. With additional add-on performance from IPP such as light weight pistons in various bores and compressions for both N/A and Turbo applications, light weight rods, camshafts, adjustable cam gears & performance cylinder head, we would expect an additional 40-60 horsepower and torque making it a gut wrenching drive. So if you want the best ride of your life on the street, Performance Street or oval track racing this kit is for you!!!
Stroker Motoro Cavalier 2.2L
(** note on our assembled stroker photo, block is not included w/Stroker Kit)


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