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Power+ Underdrive Pulleys
IPP Power+ Underdrive Pulleys!
Cavalier, S10 & Sunfire Engines (2.2L)
Brand new from IPP & CCW, a 20% underdrive pulley. This is an
ABSOLUTE must for anyone looking for BOLT-ON horsepower.
A Bolt-On Pulley for the 2.2L 94-2002 Cavalier, S10 or Sunfire, STREET or STRIP.

The Pulley Problem.
Underdrive pulleys have been around for a lot of years, the difficult part is getting the correct underdrive size without loosing your water pump, power steering or your alternator. We've found that the magic max amount is 25%, from there on things start to go downhill. Anything that is underdriven more than 25%, will create electrical and water pump problems. In a racing environment, such as oval track, it will cause the engine to over heat, and the water pump won't work at efficient levels.

Our Solution:
We've designed a pulley that stays 5% under the 25% max, while increasing both Horsepower and Gas Mileage! We've created an underdrive pulley which leaves the power in the crank, and doesn't distribute it to the water pump, alternate or power steering.

For Street driven cars, this will give you more HP to the crank and higher gas mileage without the loss of power to the alternator, water pump and power steering.

For Oval track drivers, at 20%, you'll keep the power in your crank, and not have a problem with your electrical system or water pump. For those not using a power steering unit, it will give even MORE horsepower because of less belt drag.

Power+ Underdrive Pulley Features
  - Power+ Underdrive Pulleys are made from lightweight aluminum
  - Hard Annodized to last forever.
  - Made in the USA

**REQUIREMENTS for Install **
All Power Pulleys require a Goodyear Custom Belt. You can purchase one through your local Goodyear retailer.
Application Power
GoodYear Custom Belt #
**required, purchase
at your local store.
Cavalier/Sunfire 2.2, 94-2002 (no DOHC Ecotec)
Cavalier & Sunfire, non-AC PULLEY-1250 $159.98
Cavalier & Sunfire, w/AC PULLEY-1250 $159.98
coming soon!
S10 2.2, 94-2002 (no DOHC Ecotec)
S10 Non-AC PULLEY-1260 $159.98
S10 w/AC PULLEY-1260 $159.98
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