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Cavalier Roller Lifters with Oil Scoop
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These Lifters are Made in the USA! Let's continue to support American workers and our Auto Industry.
  IPP High Performance Roller Lifters
Cavalier & S10 (2.2L '94-03)
Cavalier & S10 (3.1L '93-05)

When you really want or need high performance these are the lifters for you!
Now available from IPP, our new High Performance Roller Bearings.

Our Lifters are all MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!

Our new style lifter features 4340 chrome moly roller pins and roller for increased strength & durability. The inside and outside tolerances are as tight as you would expect from lifters made here, in the USA.
Our new OIL SCOOP design allows more oil to enter the internal lifter, increasing oil delivery to the roller and cam lobe face resulting in extended cam lobe/lifter life, while allowing for higher cam grinds & spring pressures
(we have initially tested these to 8000 RPM!!!).
These lifters are a direct replacement for the '94-03 2.2L & '93-05 3.1L Cavaliers' and S10ís (and you use the same pushrods lengths).

These Lifters work GREAT with our Webcam/IPP Camshafts for your Cavalier, Sunfire, S10.
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CAV-HP-ROLLB-01 Cavalier '94-03 2.2 & '93-05 3.1,
and S10.
High Performance Roller Lifters
(direct replacement)
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