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Cam Gears
Cavalier Adjustable Cam Gears
IPP Adjustable Cam Gears
Chevy Cavalier 2.2, Pontiac Sunfire, Chevy S10 ('94-02)

What do Adjustable Cam Gears Do? Do I Need Them?
Adjustable cam gears (or sprockets) allow you to move your camshaft lobe center for better engine tuning. If you are racing your vehicle, you should have adjustable gears. If you have surfaced your head, or decked the block, you need adjustable gears.

Improving Mid Range to High RPM's:

In order to improve mid range to high RPMs there has been an existing problem of getting enough adjustment in the cam. Two of the most important factors are the lobe separation and Lobe centerlines. Because the 2.2 engines have a module distributor, it's impossible to be able to adjust the cam (where it is not connected to the camshaft itself), like in a SBC where it could adjust advance and retard by turning the distributor. The only other way to accomplish this is to adjust the cam itself. Because of the cam gear design from the factory the cam can only be set up for a (straight up) adjustment.
Lobe Separation and Centerline
The lobe separation cannot be changed because it has already been cut into the OEM or performance cam when it is ground, so there is no way to change it after.

Lobe centerline is the angle in crank degrees a cylinder piston coming to TDC and event of maximum intake lift. Exhaust centerline is the angle in crank degrees between the event of maximum exhaust lift and that cylinder’s piston coming to TDC. Advance measures the angle of rotation in crankshaft degrees between the point where both centerlines would be the same and the actual intake centerline, this CAN be changed by advancing or retarding the cam.
Under normal conditions it is accepted that by advancing the cam centerline will move the RPM and torque curve to low to mid range, by retarding the cam the centerline is moved from mid range to higher RPMs.
ADVANTAGES of Our IPP Cam Gears:
What we've done at IPP is to
cut additional keyways in the cam gear to adjust the cam from straight up, and added 2 & 3 degrees retarded and 2 degrees advanced. This is a VERY exact process as just .0001 can change the cam adjustment! We've had an ISO machine shop design and machine our gears for maximum tolerances. The advantage of this is to allow the street performance drag & oval track racers to adjust there RPM levels. For street performance and turbo applications the ability to increase RPM’s allows for a wider range to build peak HP. This is a real advantage to oval track applications - if you need more on the corners then advance the cam, if you need more on the straight-aways (or move to longer tracks), retard the cam for more mid to upper RPM’s.

Adjustable Cam Gear a MUST for Timing Adjustments:
On the 2.2 Cavaliers, there is no way to adjust the timing on this motor except for a slight amount (which we can do by adjusting the ECU). Unlike the SBC and other motors with adjustable distributors, where you can adjust the total timing so that the events take place earlier for mid to high RPM use, this cannot be done on the Chevy Cavalier. Because there is no distributor adjustment, the only way is the mechanical adjustment with our IPP Cam Gear here. Even if you have an OEM cam and want to get the timing set to its best setting, this can't be done without a timing gear. If you are into any type of performance level of Street, Ovel Track or Drag Racing this is a must, as there is no other way to adjust the proper timing for the motor. Additionally, the timing setting from the factories are not correct, as they are mass produced. With the proper timing, you can gain anywhere from 3-15HP depending on the application.
And maybe the best advantage? The price is only $149!
Adjustable Cam Gear
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Cavalier 2.2
Pontiac Sunfire
Chevy S10 ('94-02)
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