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DTS2 Dyno Testing & Revies on IPP Stroker Kit
DTS has specialized in engineering performance parts for the 2.2L engines in both the S10 and the Cavalier for over 10 years now. So when Import Performance Parts (IPP), sent this new Stroker Kit to me for testing I was more than excited to be the first to test it out. However, I was skeptical since I have never experienced significant gains on a 2.2L without a major power adder like nitrous or a turbo. The project was simple. DTS would install the Stroker Kit on a stock engine, run it hard, and report its performance back to IPP.

I started with a bone stock '94-'97 Chevy Cavalier engine. I cleaned it up, honed the cylinders, installed the IPP stroker crank, Molnar rods, Wiseco pistons, and Clevite bearings that came with the kit. It was a very smooth install, everything fit just like OEM parts would. IPP’s machine work grinding the crank was top notch. All of the bearing specs where precise and accurate. The rods still cleared the block with plenty of room to spare so there was no need to grind the block for additional clearance. It was all too easy! I then proceeded to assemble the rest of the engine with OEM parts. Everything else that got bolted on to the engine was COMPLETELY stock… The cam, the head, the valve train, everything all the way down to the puny factory exhaust (including the restrictive catalytic converter) and the ridiculous factory intake system was all stock. So essentially I added 3mm of stroke and bumped the compression up to around 10:1 to see how the 2.2L would respond to those changes while keeping everything else constant. The results were impressive (take a look at the graphs below)!
Dyno Graph #1 Graph #2

As soon as I started driving the car I could tell the throttle response had improved. It definitely felt like the little 2.2L had more torque than ever before too. It was just a better driving car and more fun to drive all around. After breaking it in and some initial testing and tuning I strapped the car down on a chassis dyno. A '94-'97 Chevy Cavalier stock engine typically produces 80 horsepower as shown below (see “Stock”). We saw an increase of 26 hp with the addition of the Stroker Kit yielding a final result of 108 hp (see “Stroker”).

Beyond the dyno results we have seen a significant improvement in performance while data logging through controlled time elapsed testing. These results further support and prove that the IPP Stroker Kit improves performance. This is not like bolting on an intake or a header to your 2.2 and being disappointed that it’s still as slow as it’s always been. These Stroker Kits WORK. It doesn’t matter if you put everything else back stock like I did or if you go all out. They produce power and performance that you will truly FEEL either way!

Overall, DTS was very impressed with the Stroker Kit. I’d recommend it for anyone looking to improve their 2.2L performance whether it’s normally aspirated or forced induction this kit will help.

David DeKerlegand
Owner / DTS LLC
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