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Lifter Guides
DTS2 Lifter Guides
DTS2/CCW Performance Lifter Guides
CNC Billet Aluminum Lifter Guides with more room to allow for higher lift camshafts and stronger to provide better lifter control especially at higher RPM's.

Time to toss out those old stock guides and replace them with these performance ones! Stock guides are made of plastic so with the added heat of the motor have a tendency to crack - and often without you knowing it. This causes the lifters not to work in an aligned roller location, and in some situations we've even seen the cracks multiply and loose the complete valve train - and o one needs that to happen! So let's do it right and replace those stock guides with these CCW/DTS2 Lifter Guides for  reliable quality and material and overall better performance.

For New Sales: Please order online below or call our CCW Sales Dept. at (985) 956-7009
For Tech Help & Order Tracking: Please contact the DTS2 Warehouse by Email: / Telephone: 970-493-0459 
Application Part # Description Price Add
GM LN2  ('94-97) DTS2-LG-01 CNC Billet Aluminum Lifter Guides $124.99
GM LN2  ('98-03) DTS2-LG-02 CNC Billet Aluminum Lifter Guides $114.99
DTS2 Performance Lifter Guides
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