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Adapter Plates
IPP/DTS2 Adapter Plates for Chevy Cavalier

  IPP/DTS2 Adapter Plates
Chevy Cavalier '94-97
ALL NEW from IPP & DTS2!!!
Get more air into your '94-97 Chevy Cavalier with our all new Adapter Plate!

Our Intake Manifold Adapter Plate allows you to run a '98-03 intake manifold, throttle body, and injectors on a '94-97 engine. This allows for better air flow, throttle body upgrades, and most importantly cheap and easy injector upgrades. Plus, the adapter plates can be tapped to make direct port nitrous or water methanol installation a breeze 

These adapter plates are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum to ensure quality and precision fit. Our Intake Manifold Adapter Plate is a must for anyone looking to make big power with a '94-97 engine!

Want Even MORE Easy Power and GAINS? Grab our Throttle Body for ridiculous gains for only $369.99 AND add our BRAND New Fuel Line Adapter Upgrade for our Adapter Plate for only $79.99!

For New Sales/To Place an Order:
Call CCW Sales Dept. at (985) 956-7009

For Customer Service & Order Tracking:

lease contact the DTS2 Warehouse Directly: / Telephone: 970-493-0459 
Part # Description Price Buy Now
CAV-INT-PLATE01 Intake Adapter Plate $179.99 Special Order
Call us at (985) 956-7009
CAV-FUEL-LINE01 Fuel Line Adapter (upgrade) $79.99 Special Order
Call us at (985) 956-7009
Or Order by PHONE at (985) 956-7009

Installation Guide

It's the PERFECT COMBO for the MOST HP!!!
Our Adapter Plate PLUS our Performance Throttle Body = 20HP gains!

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