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Custom Built Engine Parts & Services

Cavalier Engine Custom Cranks and Rods

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- Cavalier/Sunfire/S10 Custom Performance Parts & Services -

We Build Custom Cams, Cranks, Rods & Pistons
(Custom orders may take several weeks to design, build and ship.)

CUSTOM Camshafts

  • Custom Camshafts: Various stages and custom grind available. Call or email Tech Dept to order.

CUSTOM Connecting Rods

  • Pauter Billet Rods: Any length, big end and pin size
    (No Minimum, 1 set OK)

  • 4340 Chrome Moly H-Beam Rods: Any length, big end and pin size with ARP S2000 Rod Bolts. Light weights may be possible - please ask.
    (Minimum of 10 sets).


  • We custom build 4340 Billet Crankshafts for all Cavalier, Sunfire, S10's and Ecotec engines.
    (Min. 3 cranks per order in any stroke, rod pin and mains).

  • Brian Crower Custom Cranks.

CUSTOM Engine Kits

  • We can put together an Engine Kit for your exact needs with Custom made Wiseco Pistons, Custom Connecting Rods and a Custom Brian Crower Crank (any specs you want)! Then choose add-ons like bearings, fasteners, etc, whatever you need to complete the kit how you want it!

CUSTOM Pistons

  • Forged Piston Sets for any stroke, bore or compression ratio. These can be used for street/strip, injected blowers or turbo charged.
    (No Minimum, 1 set OK).

CUSTOM Pushrods

  • Custom Pushrods any length. Our pushrods can also be ordered in custom lengths with the use of longer valves or if the head has been decked to get the correct rocker geometry. These are made in our lightweight style. Turn around time is 48 hrs.
    Price: $99.99/set of 8

Knife-Edging Services

  • Give your engine a boost with our Knife-Edging service! Get More POWER, Quicker Revving, Let your crank cut through oil easier, and take some weight off (2-3 lbs) for faster RPM's!
    4 Cylinder = $299.99
    6 Cylinder = $349.99
    8 Cylinder = $359.99

Order Your Custom Designed Pistons here

* Please note that Custom orders may not be cancelled or refunded.

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