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Fasteners - Main Studs

  ARP Main Stud Kits
2.2L 94-02 Non-Ecotec

INCLUDED: Kits come complete with hardened parallel-ground washers and aerospace quality nuts. 

ARP Main Studs are manufactured from 8740 chrome moly steel, heat treated in-house to 190,000 psi tensile strength, and precision J-form threads rolled after heat-treat to create a fastener that has threads 1000% stronger than others!
There are many important reasons to use ARP main stud kits, including the elimination of main cap walk and fretting, as well as protecting the threads in your engine block.

Some applications have provisions for mounting windage trays and have specially designed standoff studs with serrated lock nuts to position the windage tray and lock it securely in place.

There are a number of important considerations when installing ARP main studs. First and foremost is making sure the block and studs are as clean as possible. Foreign matter and debris can easily affect the quality of thread engagement and cause erroneous torque readings. Do not re-cut threads in the block – use the special “chaser” taps. This will preserve the integrity of the threads and provide better engagement. Calibrate your torque wrench – even new wrenches have been known to be off by as much as 10 foot pounds! Use consistent tightening techniques.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Insist on ARP® Main Studs!
Application 2-Blt. Mn. Price Buy Now
2.2L 94-02 Non-Ecotec 301-5401 $119.98
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